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No More Drye Eye 


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As recently as five years ago it was difficult to find corrective lenses that actually worked for those with higher astigmatism.  Today, Proclear Toric XR are available to provide crystal clear vision with all day comfort. Hard contacts have been available for around 50 years, but they involve a long and painful process of adjusting the eye to the hard glass lens.  


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Bye, Bye Dry Eye

When soft contacts hit the market they were not originally available for those with astigmatism. That's because at the time, manufacturers still did not have the know-how to make soft contact lenses for the condiiton. Even when the soft contact lenses eventually became available to correct astigmatism they were only able to correct for mild conditions. Extreme astigmatism unfortunately, was not correctable.  

That was the past - now, with new technology trademarked by Coopervision, you can get contact lenses that correct for even the most severe cases of astigmatism. Introducing the Proclear toric XR lenses - the pioneer lenses that will correct even the most extreme cases of astigmatism. These are fashioned from Phosphorycholine aka PC technology that Coopervision put on the lenses map.  This lens is made with Phosphorylcholine molecules that are soft, flexible and breathable.

This new material lets oxygen breathe through the lens so that your cornea can remain healthy. Just like every other part of the body, the eyes need to breathe. If your cornea does not get proper oxygenation it will cause eye strain and reduce visual acuity.  

If you have ever suffered from dry eyes then you know how uncomfortable a contact lens can be. Imagine someone taking a nail file across your cornea for several hours, very painful. Dry eye can be mild, moderate or severe. When you visit your doctor to be fitted for contacts make sure you ask for a moisture analysis to determine where you fall in the dry eye spectrum.

With these advanced lenses, dry eyes will be a thing of the past.  

Another great property in this revolutionary biocompatible material is that it works just like the natural eye cells. Phosphorylcholine draws moisture to it and surrounds it with a watery cushion. This effect lets you enjoy wearing contacts for over twelve hours a day in complete comfort.  

Not only do the lenses keep you comfortable all day, but they also wear for a month at a time. Monthly disposable lenses are very affordable and keep your vision sharp for thirty days.  

Product Details:
Diameter: 14.4
BC: 8.4 or 8.8
Power range: -10.00 - +10.00
Cylinder: -75 - -575
Axis: 10o – 180o
Material: Omafilcon A. 38%
Water Content: 62%
Packaging: 6 lenses per box 
Duration: monthly disposals (6 boxes per year)


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